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Palm software

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This is all the free stuff I have, I haven't really looked arround
for new stuff since I got my palm about a year ago. www.palmgear.com
is great for looking for palm programs.


Acrobat Reader for the Palm OS
- http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html
- allows the palm to read pdf docuements, I find it horrible for non
  palm os designed pdfs

GCC Palm Programming Tools
- http://www.palmos.com/dev/tools/gcc/
- Don't know if you program but this is the free way to write palm
  programs, I wrote one program so far but I plan to learn more

Palm Emulator
- http://www.palmos.com/dev/tech/tools/emulator/
- Lets you play with fake palm on a desktop computer. Mostly used for

- http://www.plkr.org/
- Offline webpage viewer, kinda like avantgo but better, will read
  just about any webpage. 1.1.13 is the latest for windows. Bit of
  a trick to setup.
- There use to be a site www.pdahoo.com that had links to palm versions
  of websites, it's gone now though, best I can find now is
  http://www.aaparents.org/mobile.html I wish avantgo shows the actual
  webpage locations.

These are the links I have:
- msnbc: http://www.msnbc.com/avantgo/mmc.htm
- news.com: http://export.cnet.com/export/AvantGo/Index/0,10450,,.html
- wired news: http://www.wired.com/news_drop/palmpilot/index.html
- abc news: http://mobile.go.com/pocketpc/abcnews
- usa today: http://www.usatoday.com/palm/
- the onion: http://mobile.theonion.com/
- picture of the current weather:



FATM (frog against the machine)
- http://www.tauschke.com/downloadnow.htm
- Frogger clone

- http://www.palmgear.com/software/showsoftware.cfm?sid=91010620020330112557&prodID=8858
- 2 local player game, try to cross before the other player

- http://michiel.tiller.com/pilot/
- Connect 4 clone

Hein's SameGame
- http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/System/2771/Pilot/palmpage.html#swdev
- Same Game clone

IMR Snake
- http://ohad.visual-i.com/pilot/pilot.htm#snake
- Snake/Nibbles Clone, works just like the cellphone version

- http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Campus/1719/
- Mahjongg close, the tile game

- http://www.palmgear.com/software/showsoftware.cfm?sid=71116220020106122555&prodID=14712
- weird bubble game, keep the ball in the air by creating
  bubbles for it to bounce from

- http://bodotill.suburbia.com.au/mulg/mulg.html
- cool marble game, kinda like 2d marble madness. Loads of
  levels you can get

- http://www.pixture.com/palm.php
- Columns clone, kinda like a tetris game but with color
  shifting colums

Quick's SameGame
- http://thequickster.com/products/index.htm#SameGame
- Another Same Game clone

- http://www.palmgear.com/software/showsoftware.cfm?sid=71116220020106122555&prodID=1389
- GoMoku Clone, try to make a row of 5 without being blocked

- http://www.palmgear.com/software/showsoftware.cfm?sid=77069220010516014950&prodID=389
- Asteriods Clone

Sea War
- http://www.palm-games.com/seawar/index.htm
- Battle Ship clone

ShapeFall 1.0
- http://www.palmgear.com/software/showsoftware.cfm?sid=77069220010516014950&prodID=7501
- Tetris clone, best one I've seen

- http://www.pipo.com/PSnake/
- Snake/Nibbles Clone but using a maze

Space War
- http://www.palmgear.com/software/showsoftware.cfm?sid=77069220010516014950&prodID=14707
- Startrek game where you fight other races like the borg,
  klingons and dominion

- http://www.palmutil.com/index.php?page=shop/flypage&product_id=17&category_id=2df119f70e335c9d394241df946cac05
- Odd game where you are a stick man and you catch a ball and
  throw it into a moving hole

Fire Escape
- http://www.palmgear.com/software/showsoftware.cfm?prodID=1864
- Old classic bouncing baby game, use to play it on my 8088.



Hacks are system patchs you load into the palm to get arround
stuff and get the os to do more things like display a logo on
startup, flip the screen, get arround bugs

In over to load Hacks you need a Hack manager. The original one
was called HackMaster, it was not free and it quite out of date.
Best one (and free) to now use is

- http://linkesoft.com/english/xmaster/

- http://www.byteswapped.com/palm/
- Allows you to rotate the palm display and the buttons, don't know
  if this works with 320x320 clie's

Daylight Saving Hack
- http://www.benc.hr/dshack.htm
- Hack to get around daylight problems, if your palm doesn't do this

- http://home.cfl.rr.com/mjmdlm/palm/index.htm#McPhling
- Allows you to run DAs and also allows you to switch between the
  last 2 apps and also can bring up a little start menu like thing.



a DA, desk accessory, is a program that can run ontop of another
running program, kinda of a hack to multitask on a palm, usually
used for stuff like calcualtors, calendars, screen flipper,...etc

To run a DA you need a DA "hack", one I suggest is:

App-DA Launcher
- http://www.sra.co.jp/people/hoshi/palmos/adal.html

CalCal DA
- can't find the url anymore
- small Popup calculator, I can email you the file or beam it to you

CaleSche DA
- can't find the url anymore
- small Popup calendar, I can email you the file or beam it to you

CountUp DA
- http://www.kk.iij4u.or.jp/~tomiou/palm_d.html#CountUp%20DA
- Lazy mans step counter

ezConv DA
- http://www.pixture.com/palm.php
- popup converter for temp, messure, weight..etc

Melody DA
- http://www.pixture.com/palm.php
- Popup music keyboard with recording feature

Mirror DA
- http://www.pixture.com/palm.php
- Makes your palm into a mirror (by turning the screen black)

Swipe DA
- http://www.doublebang.com/products/swipe.html
- Lets you run DAs/programs by swiping the sylus across the screen,
  like along the edges



Big Clock
- http://www.paessler.com/rupp/bigclock.htm
- Large disply clock and calendar, skinnable and also has alarms

DB and DB Tools
- http://pilot-db.sourceforge.net/
- flat file database, I use this for the listing all the old-old
  computers we have repaired and also for storing info on the
  workstations, what Startrek books I have...etc

- http://sourceforge.net/projects/diddlebug
- Used for writing notes right on the screen, some palms already have
  one built in

- can't fine url anymore
- Drawing program, I can send you the file or beam it to you

- http://www.thequickster.com/products/index.htm#mycheckbook
- Checkbook program, great replacement for a checkbook. Can work with
  multi accounts and keeps track of the totals..etc. You can export it
  to a memopad page. I wrote a perl screen to then convert this to my
  excel expenses file

- http://www.thequickster.com/products/index.htm#quicktip
- Lazy mans tip calulator so you know how much to pay for a tip at a
  resturant and such

- http://linkesoft.com/english/sums/
- Keep multi rows of numbers to help with keeping count, like keeping
  score with scrabble or dice games

- http://www.msbsoftware.ch/yaps.html
- password safe where you can store encryipted data



Audio Driver
- http://www.shin.nu/~FocV/javu/index.html
- Lets you play wav files on the palm, sound like playing with just a
  pc speaker. Also comes with a mimesweeper game and it use to come
  with a block out type of game but I lost it.

- http://www.nosleep.net/filez.asp
- file utility, lets you play directly with the databases on the palm

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