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Mr. Backpack

Mr Backpack, with numbered circles pointing out damage

I'm sorry to say but Mr. Backpack has passed away. He was a great companion to me and my friends. He would carry great burdens without compaint. Take abusive drops and kicks under my desk with out once reporting me to the Backpack police. He suffered numerous wounds but never backed down. We will miss him very much.

Let me tell you how great he was...

  1. 1996. My first year in college. Overfilling his netting pouch it slowly caused a rip in it
  2. Sept 11, 2001. wearing his ribbon until his death in support for this country and the families effected by the terror of 9-11
  3. ~2000. First Major blow. Smaller Comparment zipper broke. Bag was in surgery for 2 hours but nothing could have saved it.
  4. ~2000. First of the plastic tie wraps used in the saving it's use of it's smaller pouch
  5. ~2000. Last of the plastic tie wraps used in the saving it's use of it's smaller pouch. The recontructive surgery was only partly successfull. The pouch was used only for storing trash.
  6. ~2001. Main Hanging loop was ripped off 15 hours of surgery was unable to stich it back together. 3 weeks later attempts to create a loop between the arms only partly worked. The loop lasted about 6 months before it too broke off.
  7. and 6 are all that is left of the hanging loop
  8. July 20th, 2002. Fatal Blow. Main compartment Zipper broke. Death was quick though. He was still holding a large load even at the end.

**pout** You will be missed.

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