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I CAN Remember

Here is another story I wrote in College back in March 1997. For this assigment I we had all picked two sheets of paper with topics we had mix together and create a story. The two sheets I got are:

You would also notice I like to make references to my class. But the rest of it is fiction.

I CAN Remember

March 12, 2027.

It was one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had. I know that it is five in the morning but I needed of write this down specially since this is from my past. The doctor thought I would sooner or later remember my past although I didn't think it would come so clearly. I haven't remembered it so clearly since the accident.

The first thing I can remember is about twenty years ago. I was a student at UMass at that time. I had a part time job at some store and I was always staying up late to finish my homework assignments. I can remember some of my long English assignments. I remember clearly the pressure I was on. I was always a procrastinator; perhaps it was my fault. I also was a large person at the time and pressure from work wasn't helping.

It was at this time I met Joan. I don't quite remember where; was it at one of those parties I attended, or was it at a computer convention? No matter. She was gorgeous and in perfect shape. I really wanted to marry her at that time; I know that sounds ridiculous, she didn't even notice me. I remember finally getting enough courage to ask her out. She flat-out said No. I was greatly saddened and went to a short depression, the first of many in my life. As I look back now I can see that it was for the better. I heard that she got into some dangerous drugs.

I graduated from UMass in 2002. It took me six years to get my BS due to my depression. I was very happy when I finally received my diploma. I attended a huge party round this time and I met my future wife there. Shelly is her name. What a caring woman. Even after the accident thirteen years later she took care of me. She was intelligent, had brown eyes, brown hair and always worried about her weight. Like me, she was also interested in computers.

Two years later we married. We spent three weeks in Hawaii, two days of which we were stuck in bed with the flu. We went to a restaurant on her birthday, a very romantic restaurant. It was a year later that Christi was born. A little under weight and early but healthy. When I was married I thought marriage was all I wanted in life, but it wasn't until Christi came along that I finally felt whole. We were one happy Family.

I can remember one particular fight. I was twenty-eight, I think, and Christi was about two. I just started my new job at Aztem Corp., a computer manufacture, as a division manger and system administrator. This job required that I work more hours a week then ever before. It required me to commute an hour to work by the grav-train each way. We had a fight about how I wasn't at home as often anymore and how she had to care for Christi alone. I agreed and my boss allowed me to hire another person that can help me manage the division so I would have more time at home. I was able to be home much more often and when I was need as system administrator I was able to telecommute so I could take care of my daughter as Shelly went to school. I never liked the nanny anyway.

During my time with Christi, I started to care about the world around us. I saw filth everywhere. All the grav-buses and park benches were covered with graffiti. Papers and waste in the street, fights at the corner. I didn't want to let my daughter grow up in this world. I wanted some control over the situation. I attended all the town meetings, voted in all the elections, attended the Safe Home program and GAN project. I felt that I still couldn't change it. I decided to run for Governor of Massachusetts. At twenty-nine, I was one of the youngest candidates. I spent months on campaigns and trying to find contributors to finance me. I remembering falling behind in cash flow. I was desperate and I started to do "favors" for friends I should never had been involved with in the first place.

When it came to election time I was faced by a very angry crowd. I was booed off the stage. Of course I lost by one of the largest margins the world has known. I felt ashamed and unfit as a father. I had let my family down. I fell into depression again. It almost broke my marriage. It took two years, and two psychologists, for me to regain my self-confidence. When I came back, I came back motivated. I started my first successful diet and exercise routine. I felt great. My weight dropped to a great level and my wife and I was closer than ever before. My diet food was a combination of the latest zero calorie food and supplements that helped bring delicious taste to the horrible tasting food. It also invented an exercise routine that was able to let a person, or a group of people to concentrate on their specific muscle region using the same exercise and ordinary equipment.

My friends started to ask for my advice on weight control. I explained it to them and they were astounded at its success. One of my friends, Paul, encouraged me to share my secrets to the world, showing that I can change the world, at least in some way.

I first started by publishing an ad on the US BBS. At first a few people responded, then by word of mouth, my techniques became famous. I got articles about me in the larger newsboards in the world. I had classes backed up for months and I loved it; I was never so happy. I also made quite a bit of money also. I was able to invest in Christi's future and take my wife to a second honeymoon in Florida; I always wanted to go to Disney Planet.

And then came the accident. I don't remember much about it. All I remember is that I was in my new hover car come from a seminar when a pair of bright lights went at me. I was told later that I was hit by driver who was using a VR phone. He didn't notice that his altitude was dropping and hit me almost head on. He was all right and I had a concussion. I was told that I was in a coma for three days. Only until now do I remember anything before the incident. I will have to tell my doctor in the morning. Until then I will go back to sleep. Perhaps I will remember more.

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